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About Us

Evergreen History is a combined project of a woodturning craft store and a history podcast. We handmake woodturning products that we sell online and at local markets here in the St. Louis area. We started with making pens and expanded into kitchen wares, rings, and more.

We are a partnership that completes each other in the home and in the business, bringing together artistic and pragmatic ideas.

Carl Meyers, MA History

The main man behind Evergreen History is California native Carl Meyers. With a background in industrial maintenance and a Masters in History, he has a variety of interests, including history, geology, aircraft, and gaming. Carl took on the hobby of woodturning as a deviceful way to work with his hands and keep busy. Now a passion of his, Carl offers his work to anyone seeking a meaningful handmade gift or accessory.

His day job is teaching History at a local private high school.

Savannah Moulder, AA History

A supportive partner from the beginning, St. Louis native Savannah Moulder runs the numbers and administrates the marketing and tech portions of the operation. Also a history buff, she makes a variety of crafts, loves rocks and minerals, does graphic design, and enjoys online gaming. Savannah encourages Carl to expand his horizons and even takes up the lathe on occasion.

Outside of Evergreen History, she is an aspiring entrepreneur.