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How a pen is woodturned – The Pen-Making Process

Take a journey into our garage to see the process of creating a handmade pen. The steps can vary a bit, but this is a great representation of what happens.

We use this process to make pens, mechanical pencils, seam rippers, crochet hooks, hobby knives, smoking pipes, bottle openers, and wine stoppers. Besides wood, we can work with acrylic, wood/acrylic hybrids, and antler.

This video showcases an antique copper slimline twist pen with oak, laser engraved with initials. It uses a Cross-Style ink. The finished product is placed in a black tactical pen case. It is part of an order of 9 similar pens, which are gifts for a group of active-duty US Army soldiers who are each graduating from courses within their military service.

In real time, this process takes about an hour spread over a day or so.

Special THANKS to Erica Maloney for gifting us our new Laser Engraver! Thank you for your support, and thank you for your service 🇺🇲

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